Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to the Editor of the Radio Times

Letter No.: 
6th January 1933


I notice a curious error in your issue of December 16. In discussing a concert of compositions by Arnold Bax and various continental composers you state that: ‘Arnold Bax is clearly in place in this distinguished company’. I take it that the sentence was meant to express that the other composers were not unworthy of a place beside Arnold Bax. Personally I do not consider that most of the names on that programme are worthy to stand beside Bax, but this of course is a matter of opinion.
R. Vaughan Williams.

[The other composers mentioned in the context referred to by Dr. Vaughan Williams were Szymanowski, Schönberg, Conrad Beck, Norbert von Hannenheim, Hindemith, Poulenc and Stravinsky. - EDITOR, The Radio Times]

General notes: 

VW was reacting to a notice of a concert of choral and piano music by the composers listed in the Editor’s note, to be given on 23rd December 1932 on the National Programme by the Wireless Singers and Else C. Krauss, which contained the comment: ‘We are not in the habit of ranking our own composers, but Arnold Bax in clearly in place in this distinguished company’.
Published on 28 January, 1933 (see VWL1042).

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