Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

Letter No.: 
July 7 [1933]

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,


Dear Gerald

The following facts are true -
(a) I fell into the brook.
(b) I broke my ancle1
(c) I mayn’t put my foot to the ground for a month.
But- (a) I have no pain
        (b) I am quite well 
        (c) I was not drunk at the time.

Don’t wait to examine those registry steps2 till my foot is well - but come over one day - both of you -  and see us.
I find that Ellen3 has reported about the steps as follows - There are none.
Mayn’t I play the harmonium?4


Bob5 has passed his exam & has a 1st in Mechanics.


1. sic
2. Gerald Finzi and Joy were to be married at Dorking Registry Office on 16th September. Finzi was concerned that there might be steps into the Office which the VWs might not be able to negotiate because of Adeline's lameness and his injured foot.
3. UVW thinks that this was AVW's maid.
4. i.e. at the wedding.
5. Robert de Ropp. See VWL914. The VWs financed the remainder of his education. On his stay with the VWs see the chapter entitled 'Gentle Warriors' in his book Warrior's Way (Nevada City, 1992), pp.39-42.


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