Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Edward German

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August 3 [1933]

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Sir Edward German

I am very sorry to trouble you - but I think you had better see the enclosed correspondence - In answer to this lady’s first letter I, having been already warned by you replied cautiously, asking for more particulars & for the name of the treasurer.  I enclose the lady’s reply.  I am anxious to join in any mark of respect to Sir Alexander Mackenzie - but in view of your letter I thought it best to make further enquiries.1
Yours sincerely

 R Vaughan Williams2

1. This was a collection for a presentation to mark the 80th birthday of Sir Alexander Mackenzie.  A draft for a reply from Sir Edward German follows:

Dear Vaughan Williams

I quite understand your letter, and am sorry there should have been any trouble in regard to the presentation to Sir Alexander Mackenzie.
I can only repeat I have never seen the
(Quotation from Mrs Yeomans's letter to Vaughan Williams  Aug 3rd/33)

"I have been been [sic] entrusted with the whole undertaking by my old friend Sir E.G. & he is quite aware it will be carried out honestly & in every way satisfactorily.
Having been a student at the R.A.M. & friend of Sir Alexander for many years, I conferred with Sir E.G. thinking the gift wd give such pleasure, wh: I know it will".
2.  Signed by VW.

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