Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Elizabeth Maconchy

Letter No.: 
[March ?1933]

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dearest Betty

(Or am I to call you Betsy – I think I prefer Betty as I’ve always called you that.)
I went to the studio last night – it was lovely – & the sureness of touch was wonderful – the 2 slow movements are the best  I think – is the first a little too “chip chippy” – & I am old fashioned enough to want a coda to the last movement.   I was so dreadfully sorry not to see you – They had shoved on a rehearsal for the Dorking festival that afternoon – which went on till nearly 5.0.
I thought they played v. well – & was a relief after the dreary Schumann – I shall be there on the 30th – good bye dearest Betty 
with love from
Uncle Ralph

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Identify work - apparently not oboe quintet or first string quartet?

Cobbe 228
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