Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Diana Awdry

Letter No.: 
Oct 18 [1933]

11 Roxburghe Mansions
Kensington Court. W.8

Dear Diana

Its always a pleasure to hear from you - tho’ still better to see you. What a tremendous plot & surprise you are meditating for the unconscious Uncle R!
You do not tell me how large the desk is - I remember Uncle R saying he had admired an old piece of furniture at the house. But if it’s large would he have space for it in his room? You will remember what his room is like - had he got his mother’s tall secretaire when you last came? If I knew a little about size I cd better suggest transport - for instance perhaps it could come up here & go down to Dorking in the van that takes our beds & tables when we leave?1
But you know you will get a terrific blowing up over this - & oughtn’t the desk remain to beautify the house? Surely it’s a good thing to have a nice `piece’ to look at. But I can’t judge of this - only that it’s a lovely thought of yours.
Re the Secretaryship - I suppose he must be on the spot? It’s just that my sister was saying that a blind Mr Hope whom she admires very much wants to put his typewriting & skill at the service of some boys club or such like. For years he has run a flower shop in London - has now sold it & has means - is very earnest but I fear it’s no use - so far away as London.
We are enjoying our ‘season’. We shall be here till about Nov 20. Bob2 is with us - R & Hon3 going to a play tonight - their first - a few concerts & seeing nice people is enough for me - plus a Micky Mouse.4
The annexe at White Gates is almost ready for its roof - Dorking is only just making a start for the Fest5: Hon is very uncertain about her choir - it looks like a sinking ship.
Love from us all


1.  Adeline and Ralph were in London for two months staying in Constance Vaughan Williams’s flat, while The White Gates was being altered and extended.  See R.V.W.: a biography, pp.196-7.
2.  Robert de Ropp, a relative of Adeline's - see footnote to VWL914.
3.  Honorine Williamson.
4.  Rhyming slang for 'house'.
5.  Leith Hill Musical Festival.

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MS Mus. 1752/2/1/1, ff. 104-105
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