Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gustav Holst

Letter No.: 

You did tell me about the ‘Ave Maria’: didn’t I refer to it?  I meant to.  I’ve finished my ‘Bucolic Suite’1  and written a song and made a rough copy of the score of the Trombone thing and finished a volume of Purcell2  and am starting another orchestral thing called a ‘Sentimental Romance’.3
That Glasgow critic is a blasted fool and condemns himself out of his own mouth.                            
My dear V. I meant to have said a lot more but I can’t somehow so will compress it all into a comprehensive ‘Bless you’.
Yours always


1. Catalogue of Works 1900/1.
2. Purcell Society vol.XV, Welcome Odes Part I, published 1905; vol XVIII, Part II, was published in 1910.
3. Heirs and Rebels suggests this may be the Symphonic Rhapsody (Catalogue of Works 1904/3).


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MS Mus. 158, f.42
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Fragment of a letter; the start of it is missing.

Cobbe 27; Heirs and Rebels, Letter VII (printed with amendment)
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