Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Iris Lemare

Letter No.: 
[14 April 1937]

From R. Vaughan Williams,
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Iris

Thankyou very much for your letter - I don't agree with you about the lack of material (unless you insist on 1st  performances - when it wd be impossible at any time or any where to make up a programme of 1st rate works) - I know you had some flops last year - but that is inevitable & ought not to be discouraging
How about
Rubbra                       str 4tet
Helen Hunter                 "
D. Gow                     Oboe 5tet
Ferguson                   8tet
Murrill                      Prelude & Fugue Clar & pfte
Tovey                       Variations for str 4tet
Ina Boyle                  str 4tet
 "    "                         Motets for A capella
A wind 5tet by a college lad whose name has escaped me
Milford                    Suite for small orchestra
 "                              Songs of escape (A capella)
Ken Andrews         Viola sonata
Reizenstein             Pfte suite
     "                         Sonata for cello solo
Jacob                     2d str 4tet, violin pieces oboe pieces

You might combine with these revivals of old music
Jenkins                  Fantasia for strings
Purcell                      "         "
Palestrina                  "         "

- As regards - “Riders” - It is most dear of you to suggest it - but I feel these concerts are for the young and unheard with an old Fogey occasionally as a make weight.

Thankyou so much for percussing at Dorking

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