Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Julian Herbage

Letter No.: 
Sunday [28th January 1934]

The White Gates,

Dear Mr Herbage

Many thanks for your letter and complete programme and I note that you are hoping to engage Miss Silk.1 I should think that the final rehearsal would be the one for her to attend.  If she cared to attend another one also then I should think the strings only one would be the best.  I am sorry that you have not found room for the ‘Running Set’.2
Yours sincerely

R Vaughan Williams

1. Dorothy Silk, soprano.
2. Catalogue of Works 1933/3. VW had urged its inclusion in the programme – see VWL1181.

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File 910, VW artist
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Date of receipt – 29th January 1934.
In the hand of AVW signed by VW.

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