Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to René Gatty

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Dear Herr Gatty

We were so glad to get your letter. I am going to confine myself to a few remarks about Nick’s serenade1  - It came off most tremendously - the scoring was effective without any straining after effect - and the parts must have been very well written for the instruments as it went so well the first try over. Awfully jolly tunes in it too - and these not isolated but welded together as a whole - altogether a complete success and a distinct advance even on the quartett; he has gone the right way to work and the quality of his ideas and the mastery over the means of expression advance side by side without one outstripping the other.
I envy you the Sing Akademie - what a way to get to know Bach.


1. Nicholas Gatty's Serenade.

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MS Mus. 1714/1/1, ff. 159-160
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Probably 1899, since the Quartet was tried over in July 98 and Gatty was in England from August to November 98. Ask RCM.

R.V.W.: a biography of Ralph Vaughan Williams, p.58
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