Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

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Sunday [25th July 1937]

From R. Vaughan Williams,
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Gerald

I am sending the Gurney songs to Foss tomorrow. I have been through them with Herbert1 and we have both come to the conclusion that ‘Blaweary’ and ‘Ploughman singing’ ought to go out anyway.
Further that if Foss thinks the vols to[o] big that “Kathleen” & “You are my sky” shd be the first to go - what do you think?
On the other hand if Foss wants 10 songs per vol: then will you select 2 more and send them to him direct? You have done a great work in your copying & editing for which we are all very grateful.
Now another subject
Could you send me a complete list of all gramophone records, pfte duet or solo arrts of Sibelius symphonies. I want these (a) because, as you know, I can’t read a full score  
(b) because, being no longer able to compose, and having by my mode of life unfitted myself for any useful occupation I think it is time I learnt something about music.2
We passed through Aldbourne the other day where (a) Hon:3 bought an ice (b) we failed to spot your house
My love to Joyce


1. Herbert Howells.
2. No major work was written following the coronation in 1937 (though VW may have been trying unsuccessfully to start the opera based on The Pilgrim's Progress) until VW started work on the Fifth Symphony (dedicated 'without permission' to Sibelius) in mid-1938 (first performed in 1943), having met Ursula Wood.
3. Honorine Williamson.

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