Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Ralph Vaughan Williams

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Tuesday aftn [7th September 1937]

Dear one.

Boo1 fetched Josiah from nursing home at 12 - He was very lively - almost too lively - but he seemed to settle down & was able to eat a fairly good lunch - Now he has gone to lie down for the aftn on his bed.  (Boo has given him her room) and we may have tea in the garden.  Apparently he was taken up to Ranmore yesterday & sat too long in the sun - so we shall be cautious.  His wife is the invalid.  She can drive a car so isn't too ill.
I hope the Sud2 will rise to it when the moment comes.  Anyhow it will be bufe3 & I hope everyone that matters will be there.
I send the only sled4 that is worth sending because you may get the opp to put a word in for poor Martino5 and you may run into Diccon6.
This will prob find you when the morning task is over - & you will be resting after a lunch with the mayor.
It was lovely to have yr sled
All fine with us -

1.  Cordelia Curle.
2.  Elsie Suddaby.
3.  i.e. beautiful.
4.  Check reading - a private word for letter or card?
5.  Martin Shaw.
6.  Richard Brinkley Shaw.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/10, ff.49-50
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