Letter from William H. Reed to Ralph Vaughan Williams

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33, Chatsworth Road,

Dear Dr Vaughan Williams

I feel I must write to you to express my feelings about the splendid performance of “The Dream of Gerontius” at The Leith Hill Festival.1
I thought it was truly remarkable that a choir, composed as it is of separate units from the various towns, should produce such a marvellous ensemble when massed as they were for the Festival.
The entrance of the Semi-Chorus in the first Kyrie was most moving, - remote, & with such a lovely shade of tone, - the sound stole upon one’s senses from another world.
The intonation was so good, - it was surely an achievement to have kept the pitch so well throughout a long & trying work, especially in all the softer passages & those calling for “mezza voce” & restrained singing.
 I feel too that I must congratulate you personally -, if I may presume so to do, upon getting such a sensitive & well-balanced rendering, & for imbuing it with that spirituality one always felt when Sir Edward himself conducted.
I must say I was completely uplifted from beginning to end & I felt that as long as his works are handled & given in the way that you and your splendid choir gave “The Dream” so sure I am that those works will live.
I have to thank you too for giving me the opportunity to take part in a memorable performance.
Love from2

Willie H Reed


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On Reed’s participation in this performance see VWL1194.
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