Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Ralph Vaughan Williams

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Friday smorn [15 July 1938]

Dear one

We had a very good Pag1 last evening. Hon2 placed me the further side near the band - The smuse fitted wonderfully well - & was bufe3 - It was better heard for it was a still evening - mostly grey & a bit chilly later on. There was a great body of schoolboys from London who were camping - very attentive near me. Our family party sat together - Mrs  Buck & Joan4 - Mrs Fryer & sister & Brett5. They were very happy - and the crowd there was satisfactory - all seats taken except the 2 front rows! G & H & Daphne there but I had no speech with them. Hon enjoyed herself - & we were back soon after 9.30. The time was brisker.
I'll now write answers according to yr instructions - Nothing suitable for you today! but 2nd proofs of Serenade have just come in. All very well here - So hope you are getting refreshment of spiriwig6. That is the main thing?

1.  i.e. Pageant. See R.V.W.: a biography, p.222.
2.  Honorine WIlliamson
3.  beautiful. The music was England's Pleasant Land, Catalogue of Works 1938/1.
4.  Mrs Buckton was the daily help at White Gates and Joan one of her daughters.
5.  The gardener at White Gates.
6.  spirit or inspiration? VW was staying at a cottage in Wiltshire 'on retreat' and beginning to compose after a period of writer's block.

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MS Mus. 1714/1/11, ff.40-41
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