Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ursula Wood

Letter No.: 
[17th July 1938]

My Dear

I am here1 in the Wiltshire Downs - & the hermitage is succeeding I think2
- But I must confess that the other thing has taken precedence of Epithal:.3 You know I can’t do things unless I think I ought to be doing something else. I read right through your letter - so there!
I have been [for] wonderful walks on the downs - they were perfect - sun, high wind & wonderful July field flowers, the kind I like best
Love yr


1.  Rose Cottage at Stapleford near Salisbury. See VWL1334.
2.  i.e. in breaking his writing block.
3. VW's Epithalamion. The 'other thing' was the work which would eventually emerge as the Fifth Symphony.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/11, f.31
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Date added in pencil in another hand.

Cobbe 298
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