Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Major Percy S.G. O'Donnell

Letter No.: 
March 3rd [1940]

From R. Vaughan Williams,
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Major O’Donnell

I have noted the date Wednesday March 27 - 9.35 pm.
As regards the titles as they are not correct in your letter I give them -
The Running Set1 - M.S (OUP)
Folk Dance Medley2  - M.S
Suite of Marching Tunes3  - M.S
This last I intend to be the illustrations of my talk.  I think it would be better this time to make them into a little Suite rather than all separate.  I am afraid I have not the timings.  Could you perhaps get this done as I have no copies here?
Yours sincerely

R Vaughan Williams

1. Catalogue of Works 1933/3.
2. Traditional folk dance tunes used by the English Folk Dance Society in performances, with the inclusion of a non-dance tune, “The Seeds of Love”.
3. For the tunes VW included see VWL1646.

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File 910, VW artist
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