Letter from G.M. Trevelyan to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 
June 12 1940

Garden Corner,
West Road,

Dear VW

So dear Maurice1 has gone. We had great days together in our youth, in the age of gold, didn’t we. Now he escapes the iron age which we must shoulder. I saw a lot of him here these recent years - he was the same as ever, God bless him, in his zest for life and the things of the mind. But he hated the war, as who does not, so I am not sorry for him, tho’ very sorry for Lucy.
Yrs ever


1. Maurice Amos had died on 10 June. His son was killed eight weeks later. Maurice (Sir Percy Maurice Maclardie Sheldon Amos) had been at Cambridge University with Trevelyan and RVW.

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