Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Adrian Boult (BBC)

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October 4 [1940]

From R. Vaughan Williams,
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Adrian

I have been asked by the Home Office to form a Committee to recommend release of interned musicians of “special distinction”.  In the list you sent me are the names – Geiger, Heinig, Landauer, Rawicz, May, De Vito.
The authorities want particulars, especially full name and reasons why in your opinion they should be released - the reasons being, according to the Home Office, “special distinction”
Could you get your secretary to send me these?
Our first meeting is October 8th.  I do not suppose your answer can come in time for that but we shall probably have subsequent meetings.  Also - do you know anything about Katay?  Also do you know if Franz Osborn is released?

R Vaughan Williams

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Music General Files, R27/509, RVW 1940-1949 file 1
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