Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Leslie Woodgate

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[21 December 1940]

The White Gates,

Dear Leslie1

Thank you very much for what seemed a fine performance of my 6 songs.2  It is the first time I have heard a performance of an orchestration of mine without hearing a rehearsal first - & I was frightened - but it seemed to come off all right - Maybe sometimes too soft - This was, I hope, the fault of the “balance & control” - but the problem of orchestrating for a unison chorus is difficult as one never knows if there are going to be 25 or 250 voices.
I hope you keep as well as is possible
Give lots of love (on both cheeks) from me to Lena

R Vaughan Williams

1. Conductor of the BBC Singers.
2. Six Choral Songs — To be Sung in Time of War (Catalogue of Works 1940/1) had been broadcast the previous day under Leslie Woodgate’s baton.

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