Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Hubert Foss

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Nov 17 [1947]

The White Gates,

(Forgive war time paper)

Dear Foss

I have found the contract with Ortus Films. 
I notice the clause 11.2a provides that I am to be paid “pro rata” for all music after 30 minutes (e.g. I suppose £8-6-8 a minute) But I do not suppose the music plays on end more than 30 minutes.
Clause 11 2(b) provides £10-10-0 for sessions of 3 hours for all attendances after the first 4. As far as I can remember I attended 7 - But perhaps 3 of these were for “dubbing” & musical conferences which are excluded.

R. Vaughan Williams

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File 654
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To OUP - Hubert Foss.
On 21 November the PRS wrote to VW replying to his letter of 17 November in which he had included a copy of the contract with Ortus Films over the music to 49th Parallel.

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