Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Adrian Boult

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[?17 November 1941]

The White Gates,

Dear Adrian

Many thanks for your letter.  We are too old and good friends to be afraid to be honest with each other & I cannot pretend that I was not rather dismayed by that performance  - As a matter of fact the 1st verse was the best - the controller tuned down the orchestra so much that it did not matter - But this was fatal on the 2nd & 3rd verses where the descant and harmonies swamped the tune - & the whole thing was sung without conviction as if they did not know it (which according to your account they did not) - Do you not think the B.B.C with all its tradition would have done better to cut it out altogether rather than give an unrehearsed performance?  I was particularly sorry because that tune is rather a ewe lamb of mine & I feel that if it got a proper send off it might hit the nail on the head - But I felt on Sunday night that it had been strangled at birth.  However several people have told me that they liked it - so perhaps I was wrong

R Vaughan Williams

P.S.  I did not listen to L.S.2 - it evoked the past too painfully “nessun maggior dolore” etc3 - But I heard the last 8 bars which sounded very beautiful - thank you all

1. Despite the date noted on the original (see below) this letter seems to refer to the first performance of England, My England (Catalogue of Works 1941/1). Northrop Moore, (Music and Friends, pp137-138), assumes it closely follows VWL1587.
2. London Symphony (Catalogue of Works 1913/5).
3. Dante, Divina Commedia ‘Inferno’ canto 5 l.121: ‘Nessun maggior dolore, | Che ricordarsi del tempo felice |  Nella miseria’ (‘There is no greater pain than to remember a happy time when one is in misery’). VW was probably thinking back to the days just before the First World War and his friendship with George Butterworth.

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A date (‘? Feb 42’) has been added in a different hand but is probably wrong. See footnote 1.

Moore, Music and Friends, pp.137-138
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