Letter from Robert Longman to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 

35, Lansdowne Road,
London, W.11.

My dear Ralph,

“When he understood it, he called for his friends”. Though at the time I did not know it, I feel that Dorothy did understand & I thank God that you came to her on that Wednesday, 3 days before she “passed over”; from that evening until the end it was too late for she knew no one.1
It was you and Fanny2 that she most wished to see & both of you came.
She wd: wish for no better memorial than “Valiant for Truth”3 & when Marriott4 (who will not play it to me until she has learned it) has played it this particular copy will go with certain letters which I keep.
I always hoped that Dorothy might have some memorial like this & my wish is fulfilled; thank you, dear old friend, from the bottom of my heart.
May you all at White Gates have all that is possible at this Christmastide.


1. Dorothy Longman, wife of Robert, had died on 1 June 1940.
2. Frances Farrer (later Dame), for many years secretary of the Leith Hill Music Festival.
3. The motet was written as a memorial to Dorothy Longman. Catalogue of Works, 1940/2
4. Marriott Longman, the writer's daughter.

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