Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Adine O'Neill

Letter No.: 
Jan 4 1942

The White Gates,

My Dear Mrs O’Neill

This is very sad - but I quite understand - perhaps if the series goes on to another season I may write to you again.1
Thank you very much for your suggestion about Fagen2 - but I believe he is still in India.
I do hope we shall meet soon.

R. Vaughan Williams

1. See VWL1615. VW had asked Adine O'Neill if she could contribute to concerts he was organising. She took part at a later date - see VWL1688.
2. The reading is uncertain but may refer to Gideon Fagan, South African conductor and composer and a former pupil of VW's at the Royal College of Music, although this is unlikely.

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MS Mus. 1714/1/13, f. 94
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