Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

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Sept 2 [1942]

The White Gates,

Dear Gerald

At last I’ve been through the Bag-o’-tricks1 & I like them very much. 
- There are one or two tiny points in No 1. I am not quite sure about the join at the bottom of p.5.  - No 2 is the one that interests me least. The beginning seemed to smell a little old school tie - but that disappears after a very few bars.  - I hope Pauline2 is going to play them.
The enclosed may amuse you. Those two awful misprints are due to the green proofs which I cannot read.3
My love to Joyce


1. Finzi's Five Bagatelles, op.23, for clarinet and pianoforte.
2. Pauline Juler, the clarinettist.
3. Music engravers sometimes provide proof copies with the music in white reversed out on a green background. The work referred to is possibly Nine Carols for Male Voices (Catalogue of Works 1942/4).

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Finzi Box 10
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