Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

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Oct 13 [1942]

The White Gates

Dear Gerald

The apple was much admired both for appearance, magnitude and taste - it fed 5000 & there are some broken pieces left.
Thank you very much for the Garlands1 - I wish I could hear them on Sunday (perhaps I shall) - I feel certain about Fidele & Mistress mine - fairly sure of Come away and Greenwood Tree - not yet about Sylvia - but I shall go through her quietly. I feel very unhappy about the 6tet2 - it sounded dreary & muddled - partly the room because I didn’t feel that when I heard it rehearsed in a small room. But the more I hear my own stuff the more I dislike it - where I shall be at the end of the week I don’t know - & I shan’t have the courage not to listen.
My love to Joyce


1. Let us garlands bring, op.18, dedicated to VW, first performed the day before at the National Gallery. See VWL1701.
2. The Double String Trio, Catalogue of Works, 1938/3. The first performance of the revised version had been given at the same concert by the Menges Sextet. Howard Ferguson, who was present bears out VW's concern. The work was withdrawn and eventually re-written as the Partita for Double String Orchestra. See Kennedy, Catalogue of Works, p.163.


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