Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

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Tuesday [September 1942]

The White Gates

Dear Gerald

I am not saying a word to Ralph. I know it will make him happy to have his name on a work of yours.1 But may I suggest that just this work should not remind him that he is 70. I know he can’t escape being 70 but in print mayn’t he?  Could it not be ‘For’ - or ‘On’ his birthday October 12 1942? or would that seem wrong to you?
When Arnold Bax told me some time ago that some sort of celebration was being thought of on his 70th  birthday I said ‘What a frightful idea’. It was only the rubbing in of the 70 that appalled me. Now that I know that your work is to be played it makes a great difference. It’s a lovely thought.2

Love to you both

1. Let us Garlands Bring, op.18. The first performance was given by Robert Irwin and Howard Ferguson at a National Galley Concert on 12th October 1942.
2.  A note on the letter in Gerald Finzi's hand gives the wording adopted: `For / Ralph Vaughan Williams / on his birthday / Oct 12th 1942'.

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