Letter from Ralph Wedgwood to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 

20, Eresby House
Rutland Gate, S.W.7

Dear Ralph

Your letter was a real tonic, for most of my friends are a little shocked, and you can’t think how cheering it is to have a friend who says he wd like to go even further down the same road. We shall neither of us get quite as far as we want, but what fun it is to think what a long way the world can still go when we are dead and gone!1
I felt I must tell you how good I felt when I got your letter.
Yours ever

Ralph Randolph2

1. See VWL1745. Sir Ralph Wedgwood had written a letter to The Times with his views on the Federal Union.
2. Wedgwood seems to have only remembered, as a second thought, that he was always Randolph to RVW.


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To RVW from Sir Ralph Wedgwood

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