Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Ralph Wedgwood

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October 28th [1901]

10 Barton Street

Dear Randolph,

[...] We are fairly settled down - at least Ralph is for until his ‘triumphant epilogue’1 is finished he will not go further than Hampstead Heath. He promises me a Sunday at Salisbury when it is done with. No orders for lectures on music have come in so far. Do you not feel the need for some at York? [...]
Do you know the Quantocks?  Ralph & I were there with his mother in September & liked them very much.  We started at Nether Stowey & ended at Dunster.  It necessitated a lot of Coleridge & Wordsworth from which I am only just recovering.
How did you get on with d’Annunzio I wonder - I hope you may be coming to London again before long.  Our anxiety goes on just the same - there is no improvement.
Yours affectionately

Adeline Vaughan Williams

1.  Catalogue of Works, p.15 (1900-1901/1).

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MS Mus. 1714/1/2, ff.61-62
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Date (year) from reference to 'Triumphant epilogue', which VW completed in November 1901, and revised in August/September 1902.
This is an extract from a letter.

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