Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Elizabeth Trevelyan

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April 7th [1939]

The White Gates

Dear Bessie

We are happy to think you are at home again - your courage rewarded - You must feel so satisfied at having got through so brilliantly. Now I hope you will have a satisfactory report of Mrs Elms.1
I have had a very minor trouble in that direction for our cook fell and broke her arm & will be away for 6 weeks. However we have a substitute so are lucky.
I return Mrs Löwenbach’s letter which I was glad to see - we have heard from her but not at so much length. I believe that she will be so scrupulous that it will be difficult to persuade her to come and stay with us! - but we hope to see her for I remember her as being very attractive.2
We expect Bob de Ropp and his Eileen on Monday for a few days.3
Love from us


Yes - work for LHMC  in full swing.4

1. Bessie had an eye operation in Spring 1939, and Mrs Elms, the Trevelyans' housekeeper, also had an operation at that time, although she died the following year. 
2. Jan and Vilma Löwenbach are also mentioned in VWL1789.
3. Robert de Ropp was a relative of Adeline's who lived with the VWs for some years. He married Eileen in 1939.
4. Leith Hill Musical Competition (in fact Festival but AVW may have thought of it as Competition).

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RCT 16.201

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MS Mus 1714/2/6, ff. 135-136
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Date from context; before 1940 when Mrs Elms died.

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