Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to H. Raymond Barnett

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[about May 1946]

The White Gates,

Dear Mr Barnett

I should like to help you all I can.
I am, however, surprized at your finding no tunes of the kind you want in Cecil Sharp's books.
What about
Blow away the Morning Dew
Bridgwater Fair
The Keeper
Admiral Benbow
Spanish Ladies
Keys of Canterbury
My man John
Barley Mow
Wraggle Taggle Gypsies
Knight & Shepherd's Daughter
High Banbury
Green Wedding
Rambling Sailor
Dabbling in the Dew
Bonny Highland Boy
High Germany
17 come Sunday.

If there are any of these you have not got I will try to send them to you.
Thank you very much for what you say about my “Tallis”. There is no miniature score - but the ordinary score is not a very big affair. I will also try to send you a copy of that.
Yours sincerely

R. Vaughan Williams

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Add. MS 71700, f.65
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This letter was presented to the British Library by Mr Gerald Byrne.

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