Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Elizabeth Maconchy

Letter No.: 
[7 June 1943]

Dearest Betty

– I thought the 4tet was fine
– I  confess I got no idea of it looking at the score
– Yours is nearly the only “wrong note” music I see any point in (Burkhardt is another1)
it does not sound yours does not sound dreary like most of it. 
I think your notation in the 1st & last movements is all wrong –  I think it shd be quavers & crotchets (or even semiquavers & quavers)2
much love

Uncle Ralph

P.S.  I will send the score as soon as I can find an envelope big enough.

1.  For VW’s championing of the music of Willy Burkhard, see VWL1330.
2.  The letter is about Maconchy's String Quartet No.4 and was written around 7 June 1943; it is referred to in a letter from Maconchy to Grace Williams of 6 July 1943.

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Cobbe 413
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