Letter from Ursula Wood to Joy Finzi

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Dear Joy,

How more than charming of you. I did enjoy that telegram. I'm going down to see Blackwell next week to see if blue-grey is possible.  Do you think red, white or black lettering? I want size & shape the same as the yellow one. Do tell me if you have any ideas about layout, or anything. I've been frightfully abandoned since it was finished1 - detective stories, & the pictures - its been lovely but now Paul2 has gone away till my holiday starts, & I have a large sewing programme, & Howard's libretto on hand,3 so no more nonsense.
I want to come & stay again after my holiday please - & lets have some more evenings soon.
Love to you all,


1. UVW's poems Fall of leaf, published by Blackwell in 1943, dedicated to AVW.
2. Presumably Dr Paul Nathan, for whom Ursula worked as a doctor's secretary.
3. UW had agreed to prepare a libretto for Howard Ferguson based on Ralph Royster-Doyster by Nicholas Udall, but the plan didn't develop.


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