Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Ann Boult

Letter No.: 
October 15 [1943]

Dearest Ann

As if having you wasn’t the finest birthday treat!  And when Mrs K divulged there were 12 eggs in the box we were staggered.
I was so grateful to you for sending word of your safe arrival at home - I don’t trust your flea - Your talk of your memory being unreliable - I don’t know how I came to say that Charles’ ship was the Indomitable - It was the Invincible - & Williams’ ship at Jutland was the St Vincent - I felt I was wrong at once - and couldn’t for the moment correct myself.1
We would love to say yes to your suggestion of Nov 30 - only it seems so far off - so may it be provisional on both sides?
We shall anyhow hope to see you all there or here?
Love from us

1. Adeline’s brother Charles Fisher had died in the battle of Jutland on Invincible on which he was serving as a lieutenant. Her brother William Fisher was in the same battle as Captain of H.M.S. St Vincent, but survived to eventually become Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth. See William James, Admiral Sir William Fisher (London, 1943).


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