Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Clarence Raybould (BBC)

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[23 December 1943]

The White Gates

Dear Raybould

The admirers of Elizabeth Macconchy1  (among whom I number myself) want very much to hear some of her music again.  It is a long [time] since any orchestral work of hers was broadcast - So many people were struck by the “Land” & the pfte concerto - but they are works one wants to hear more than once or twice.2
I can’t believe that if she had pushed (or been pushed) as many young composers are she would have been a “household word” by now
There was a delightful overture3 by her which I conducted at the BBC some years ago & I do not think it has been heard again  - Then there is the Struwel Peter ballet.4
Do think it over

R Vaughan Williams

1. sic.
2. The Land, orchestral suite written in 1929. By ‘pfte concerto’ VW presumably means the  Concertino for piano and chamber orchestra, 1928.
3. The Comedy Overture.
4. Great Agrippa – or the inky boys, 1933


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