Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Alan Frank (OUP)

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Jan 25.[1950]

The White Gates

Dear Frank

I am sending by registered post the Fantasia1 in two versions.
1. Pianoforte Solo - chorus & orchestra reduced to 2 staves.
2. The Chorus parts only with an arrangement of the pianoforte and orchestra underneath made by Mullinar.
I really do not know what you propose to print - The Chorus singers will obviously not want all the pianoforte Cadenzas - but those who buy the work for listening or study will want the whole thing.
I do not know whether you will consider printing both versions.
Could you anyway have them copied and then send the original back to Mullinar?  Also could you kindly find out the date of the 1st performance and add it on the title page where I have left a blank2 -

R Vaughan Williams

1. Fantasia (Quasi Variazione) on the ‘Old 104th’ Psalm Tune, Catalogue of Works 1949/3.
2. The first performance had already taken place privately at The White Gates on 20th November the previous year. The first public performance was on the following 6th September at Gloucester during the Three Choirs Festival.

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