Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Alan Frank (OUP)

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8th March, 1950.

The White Gates,

Dear Frank,

I have yesterday sent off the full score of the Folk songs. I think they ought to have some very careful “vetting” before they are copied. Could you find someone to do that for me?
You will notice that though I have scored it for full orchestra some of the parts are ad lib. and they can also be done off the same score for pianoforte and strings.
Would you mind passing on these proofs to Mr. Foote?1
Now one more point: I have been asked to write some incidental music for my old school - Charterhouse - Masque. I do not suppose any of it will be printed, but if so and if you want it of course you are welcome to it. The only trouble is that the “Carmen Carthusianum” which I introduce into the music is published by Weekes. I do not know whether this will cause any difficulty.2
Yours sincerely,

R Vaughan Williams

(R. Vaughan Williams).

Alan Frank, Esq.,
Oxford University Press

P.S. I have had an estimate for G.B. Pearce for photographing vocal score of P. P.
50 copies £180
100  -  £190
Do you advise me to accept?3

1. Folk Songs of the Four Seasons (Catalogue of Works, 1949/1) was published in vocal score by Oxford University Press in 1950.
2. Solemn Music for the Masque of Charterhouse (Catalogue of Works, 1950/4). Frank replied that OUP would certainly like to see the music but in the event it seems did not take it up in any way. See R.V.W.: biography, p.301 and VWL2067.
3. Frank replied that he thought the charges for photographing the vocal score of The Pilgrim’s Progress (Catalogue of Works, 1951/1) were probably reasonable.

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