Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Herbert Byard

Letter No.: 
9th August, 1950.

The White Gates,
Dorking, Surrey.

Dear Mr. Byard

Thank you very much for your letter and its appreciation.

I have not a full score of “Ein Feste Burg” by me, but my memory is that the Continuo bass in the first movement is distinctly marked to be played on an organ trombone stop1.   I certainly did not hear that on the B.B.C. organ.  Perhaps they have not got one, in which case I quite agree that they ought to have added a trombone.

It was in Terry's book that I read about trumpets and trombones.  He got it from, I think, an old account book in which trombone players and the trumpet players were the same.

We perform the Passion next year on March 3rd.  It will be very nice to see you if you are able to come.

Yours sincerely
R. Vaughan Williams
(R. Vaughan Williams).

1.  Bach Gesellschaft edition xviii, p.319 marks bass: 'Pedal Posaune 16 Fuss' - check Neue Bach Ausgabe.

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MS Mus. 1714/2/5, f.10

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MS Mus. 162, f.9
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