Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Arnold Barter

Letter No.: 
27th September, 1950.

The White Gates,
Dorking, Surrey.

Dear Barter

I have added a note to the score that when the full orchestra is used the pianoforte may be omitted at the Conductor’s discretion on Page 8 at the 3rd bar of B. to Page 10, letter C, and on
Page 25, 5th bar of Letter G. to Page 31 at Letter J.
From Page 32, 5th Bar of Letter J. to Letter K. the pianoforte should play an octave higher.
At Letter K. the time should be certainly slower up to the end.
I think it might be better for a first performance to do it with full orchestra, but I leave it entirely to your own discretion.  If you only use the organ with the strings then the pianoforte should play all the time.
On Page 20 the word “make” has been omitted, as you have discovered.1
I am so glad Michael is playing for you2

R. Vaughan Williams

Arnold Barter, Esq.,
9, Hurle Crescent,
Bristol, 8.

1. The word ‘make’ is still missing from p.16 of the printed score of the Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis, Catalogue of Works 1949/3.
2. Michael Mullinar, the pianist for whom the Fantasia was written.

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