Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Cordelia Curle

Letter No.: 
2.oc [about 17th March 1951]


Belov Boo

A small scribble! R was home at ¼ to 8 - looking so well - he had had a nice sight of Ad1 but was a bit perplexed when in answer to R’s question as to why he was at Euston he said ‘I have come to see you’! Later R found that he was on his way to BBC but didn’t meet Coghill2 who only came at the last moment.
R is now more3 satisfied with P.P. orchestrally - & as he says he mstn’t judge the soloists too harshly for they are at the beginning, I can only hope that Matters4 did catch some glow from R. He was with them at the hotel.5

1. ?Adrian Boult. VW had been in Edinburgh for rehearsals of Pilgrim’s Progress with the Covent Garden company who were on tour there. See VWL2205.
2. Nevill Coghill, theatre producer.
2. Check readings.
3. Arnold Matters, who sang The Pilgrim.
4. i.e. in Edinburgh.

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