Letter from Ernest Irving to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 
9th January 1953

Ernest Irving
4, The Lawn,
Ealing Green, W.5.


Dear R.V.W.

Thank you very much for speaking to the Radio Times1 ...
It is amusing about the title - the Italian I’m afraid is clearly Antartica, following the Latin. The Greeks had a k for it, and quite right too I think, for what has ‘Artic’ to do with the Great Bear? It seems to suggest a gouty old man very close and tight with money.
In Echo’s encyclopedia it gives “Antarctica” as the continent surrounding the South Pole, however, the Italians do spell it like that and that erudite body the Oxford Press must surely be right.
Sir Michael and Lady Balcon are coming to the Phil concert at the Festival Hall and are bringing Mr. Charles Frend, who directed “Scott”. The only part of this letter that needs an answer is this query. Shall I strike out the obtrusive  c  on the title page of the score before I hand it over to the Phil?2
Yours ever

Ernest I.


1. Presumably following his request in VWL2569.
2. The score, presented to the Royal Philharmonic Society by Irving as indicated, was purchased from the Society by Ursula Vaughan Williams and presented by her to the British Library in 1994. Check title page for striking out of the c.

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