Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Roy Douglas

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September 12th 1953.

The White Gates, Dorking.

Dear Roy,

Have you any criticisms or suggestions about Hodie? before I start revising it? Gerald & David1 have two, which they both made quite independantly2 of one another.
A. That the third verse of the Three Kings, the one about myrrh, is not good enough.
B. That the chord F Natural, A, C sharp, E flat, is weak, conventional and out of the picture. You may remember that it comes very often in the Gloria in Excelsis. I should be very grateful if you will also give me your reactions to these points, as well as any other criticisms. You know that, like Gustav Holst, I ask everybody's advice and take no ones.


1. Gerald Finzi and David Willcocks.
2. sic.

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Add MS 63547, f. 65
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Cobbe: 617; Douglas, Working with Vaughan Williams, p.60
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