Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Ralph Wedgwood

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Feb 7th [1900]

Dear Randolph,

I think that Ralph is writing to you so that my real letter shall wait a little.1  We are in the new house wch is still in a rough state but we are gradually getting rid of the workmen.  Your house at the ’pools will be very much grander I expect - we will come & see it with great pleasure.  You will give dances I suppose.  And the house is only a prelude to a Dock!2
It is splendid to hear of things turning out in the way you most wish.  I have thought of you often since this war and guessed at your feelings - it must be very hard to keep away from it - especially when the wrong people keep going out every day.3
I have been thankful to have the new house to think of, saucepans and pokers to buy etc!- just as you must be glad of the intricacies of reconstructing the mineral traffic.
It was very nice to have your letter but I feel rather guilty in answering it so soon for you will think perhaps that you will have to write next - but this isn’t a letter.  When I am freer from household cares I shall write again.
Your affectionate

1. See VWL277. The 'new house' was 10 Barton Street.
2. Ralph Wedgwood, who worked for the North Eastern Railway had moved to West Hartlepool, where he worked at the docks.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/3, ff.59-60
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Dated 1900 from reference to 'since this war'; the Boer War started in October 1899.

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