Letter from Arthur Bliss to Ursula Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 
Sept 13th 1954

8, The Lane,
Marlborough Place, N.W.8.

Dear Ursula

I must write and thank you both for giving us the chance to hear the new violin work.  It is wonderful music, and I shall never forget the occasion.1  Bon voyage and don't let the Americans become too enthusiastic - though I hope Ralph will find time in California to visit the Berkeley branch of the University of California - I remember taking my huge class in 1939 bar by bar through Ralph's IV Symphony.2
With every good wish to you both
Yours ever


1. Sonata in A minor for violin and piano, Catalogue of Works 1954/4. This was a private performance by the dedicatee, Frederick Grinke accompanied by Michael Mullinar, who later broadcast the work on VW’s birthday, 12th October, while the VWs were in America . See R.V.W.: a biography, p.347, where this letter is printed.
2. The VWs did not in the end visit Berkeley.


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