Letter from Luther Noss to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 
October 28, 1954

Yale University
School of Music
New Haven, Connecticut
Office of the Dean
96 Wall Street

Dear Dr. Williams:

The Secretary of the University has informed me that you have been sent an official notice of the action taken by the Corporation in awarding you the Howland Prize.  This, at last, frees my hand so that I might write to you expressing the great pleasure which this brings to all of us here at the University.
Mr Falkner has perhaps told you something of our plans for December first on which day the award will be made.  We are anxious that they be completely at your convenience and have, therefore, made tentative arrangements for a late afternoon lecture, the award to be given at the same time followed by a small dinner in your honor.  We understand that you will be in New York and that it would be possible for you to come to New Haven for the afternoon and early evening.  You could plan to return to the city after dinner if you wish, for it is but an eighty minute journey by railroad.
My home is located in the center of the University, and we would be happy to have you use it while you are here.  It is perhaps too early for you to indicate any specific plans, but if it is possible for you to send us the title for your lecture, we would appreciate it in order that we might make the proper public announcements.
Yale is this year celebrating the completion of one hundred years of music instruction at the University, and we are especially honored that you will join us in commemorating this important chapter in our history.
Very sincerely yours,

Luther Noss

Dr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
Department of Music
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York

1. Dean of the School of Music at Yale University. VW’s  reply is VWL2882 and other letters concerning the visit to Yale are VWL2880, VWL2888, VWL2890 and VWL2891.



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