Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ernest Irving

Letter No.: 
16th December, 1948

The White Gates,

Dear Irving

This letter is already out of date owing to our telephone talk - so read no further.1
I should like it very much2 and I feel sure the O.U.P.3 will agree.
The only trouble to my mind is - will it prevent me later on writing an “Antartic Symphony”4 using the same themes, which I have slowly revolving in my mind, though it may never come to anything?
I will do my best  to come to the H.M.V. on December 30th. 10 o'clock, I presume? But you do not say.
I do hope you will be better by then or even before.


Ernest Irving, Esq.,
Ealing Studios
Ealing, W.

1.  This line added in manuscript.
2.  Irving appears to have suggested that a suite should be made of the music of Scott of the Antarctic.
3. Oxford University Press
4.  sic. - subsequently VW varies between Antartic Symphony and Sinfonia Antarctica, until eventually the correct Sinfonia Antartica was adopted. See VWL2415 and VWL2562.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/17, f. 95
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Typewritten, signed with manuscript addition.

Cobbe 509
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