Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to John Warrack (OUP)

Letter No.: 
[March 1954]

From R. Vaughan Williams,
10, Hanover Terrace,
Regents Park,
London, N.W.1.

Dear Warrack1

Herewith proofs
Te Deum & Ben see p.12 otherwise correct.2
Carols - see p.41 - cd  you see to this yourself - it is important as it is in the melody line3
I shd like to see a revise of the preface please.

R. Vaughan Williams

1. At the time on the staff of the Music Department of the Oxford University Press; later lecturer in Music at Oxford University.
2. Te Deum and Benedictus, Catalogue of Works 1954/1.
3. This probably refers to Hodie (Catalogue of Works 1954/3) which Warrack was working on at Oxford University Press.

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Date soon after VWL2798.

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