Lines by Gerald Finzi

Letter No.: 
[August 1954]

Lines found in Tiki’s basket & indubitably her composition.  Thus the talent inherited by Crispin.1

What nonsense to say
At this time of day
That the Reverend Mudge
Wrote nothing but fudge.
Just remember that Bach
Left a similar mark
on successors who said
That his work was quite dead:
That Concerto & suites
were mere antique Heats,
and Cantatas & Passions
Belonged to past fashions.
That explains why Unc Ralph
thought the chap was unsafe
And so for a lark
Took to re-working Bach,
filled in the continuo
which he thought far too thin, you know.
Now, with Mudge - to his credit -
There's no need to edit!

1. In response to the lines written, as if by VW, in VWL2963.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/22, f. 89
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