Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

Letter No.: 
March 30 [1949]

The White Gates

Dear Gerald

I think I ought to have written to you to say that Alan Frank was most ready to issue a brochure & we have seen a proof. The photograph - lent by Morris’s Sister is not our Morris - it looks more robust than he ever was.
I liked all you have written for the RCM1 - I only had a slight hesitation over “fawnlike sensualism” not that it isn't real but perhaps not for just there - however R never questioned it - nor I expect will Miss Chissell.2
R did not feel he could write - he dreaded it - but Sir George Dyson3 was so insistent that poor R pulled himself together & he has written a few prefertary (?)4 lines to your satisfying tribute.
My love to Joyce


1. Royal College of Music
2. Joan Chissell, then editor of the Royal College of Music Magazine.
3.  Director of the Royal College of Music until 1952.
4. sic.

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Year date from postmark. This probably relates to the publication of Morris's Concerto piccolo by Oxford University Press in 1949. See VWL3177.

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