Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Leonard Smith

Letter No.: 
March 31 1949

From R. Vaughan Williams,
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Mr. Smith,

Reference A 7/7/ML

Thank you for your letter.
I do not want to trouble your experts to come down for nothing and I feel pretty sure – and I think it is also the opinion of your representative that it was impossible to get the 3rd programme in this district without interference – and as I, doubtless wrongly, prefer the tone of my present set I must reluctantly return the set you kindly lent me – However I understand that you have a gramophone without the radio and if I liked that I should be glad to have one.
I suppose you have a show room in London – Could I call in one day and hear it before making up my mind?1
Yours sincerely

R Vaughan Williams2

1.  See VWL2972 for the background to this letter.
2.  Signed by VW.

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Cobbe 518
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