Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

Letter No.: 
8th June, 1949

The White Gates,

Dear Gerald

Thank you so much for saying you will do it.1
I ought to have explained that you will not function until after both our deaths, unless of course one of us wishes to consult you unofficially.
As regards your two points:
1. You would, by my Will, have an absolutely free hand to do what you liked with all my manuscript works. As regards publication, that would rest with the Butterworth Trust - i.e.: they need not publish even if you do recommend it, but they could not publish unless you recommend it.

2. As regards the scattered manuscripts - I do not think there are many of them, and I do not think they are worth worrying about. I do not think they can be published or printed without the leave of my Executors.

My love to Joyce


Gerald Finzi, Esq.,
near Newbury, BERKS.

1. Finzi had agreed to become a literary executor for VW; see VWL3020.


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Finzi Box 10
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Typescript, signed with manuscript addition.

Cobbe 523
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