Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Elizabeth Maconchy

Letter No.: 
30th November, 1949.

The White Gates,
Dorking, Surrey.

Dearest Betty

I hope next May to be able to help in organising a concert of new or unknown orchestral works, and I should like, if possible, to put your Symphony in.1
Could you let me know whether you would like it done under these circumstances and if so, how long it plays and what the orchestration is.
Also have you any particular ideas as to a conductor?  At present one idea is Clarence Raybould and the other is Constant Lambert.  But I must explain that all is very vague yet and I do not know whether it will come off.  We have not even found a place yet.2

Uncle Ralph

P.S. We could only have 2 rehearsals.
Mrs. le Fanu,
Wickham Lodge,
Wickham Bishops, Essex.

1.  On the Symphony see VWL2790.
2.  The performance took place on 27 April 1950 (ex inf JD).

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Typewritten; greeting line, signature and postcript added in manuscript.
With a sheet of notes in Maconchy's hand listing the orchestration.

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